About Metaphase

Metaphase is an amateur group of graphic designers that strive to make professional media at a low cost.

What specifically do we do? Currently, there is a lack of members, but work has been done in the field of modding games, making movies, logos, websites, and other media.

For specific details about work on different games, click on the links to the left. Games that the mod tools are acquired and working: Star Wars Battlefront I and II, Battlefield 1942, Flight Simulator 9 (2004 A Century of Flight) and possibly FSX.

If you think you want to contribute, contact me via PM on Gametoast. Thank you!


Tools of the Trade
-Gmax (comes free with FS9 and free off of the web)
-Inkscape SVG Tool
-Rad Video Tools
-Various mod tools from the internet (see links to the left).

News and Updates

3-25-08 Updates updates updates!

6-25-07 Making website. Well, I finished it in the same day. Ready for upload. I gotta call some people though.

7-4-07 Website is uploaded to 50Webs! I doubt anyone but me knows of this page, however.

7-6-07 Better "Web 2.0" site coming, with a lot of CSS in it.

7-6-07 "Web 2.0" with CSS is up!

7-13-07 Added new pictures

7-16-07 Added new SWBF content and a tutorial.